TPG - ThermoPlastic space Glass,

A new type of IGU, which with the higher performance.Click to view more information about IGU.

According to the constitute of the IGU structure. The difference is spacer(edge) between TPG and the general IGU. 

As the name suggests, the spacer of the TPG is the thermoplastic materials and also is the type of warm edge.

the warm edge replaces aluminum spacers, molecular sieves(desiccant) , and butyl of the general IGU . And make TPG get better performance than general  IGU. Click to view more information about IGU.


Energy saving

It reduces the heat transfer efficiency of the window and improves the thermal barrier properties of the glass edges.

Sealing performance (air/ water )

The elasticity of the material made the TPG can be applied in the environment with changes in temperature and wind pressure; the peel strength guarantees the edge sealing performance under positive and negative pressure.

Edge stability

The superior anti-compression, rebound and pull through properties ensure the stability of the glass edges.

Product structure design diversity

TPE online extrusion processing, according to the design and processing of various shapes of glass configuration.

Visual sense

The appearance is more harmonious that with the black spacer , and the glass is more integrated into the background, improving the coordination of the environment.

Consistent safety quality

Fully automated production, improve production efficiency, reduce human error, then ensure consistent product quality

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