Laminated glass 

Laminated glass is safety glass, which is a composite of two or more panels of glass and the interlayer(s) between the glass panels .

The glass is bonded by the interlayer , which prevents the shape of large sharp fragments when the glass breaks.

The typically material of the interlayer is PVB EVA . 

Building exterior wall materials usually use PVB as the middle layer of laminated glass.

In recent years, DuPont of the United States,in order to against the hurricanes hit by coastal areas, had developed a higher-strength, higher-performance interlayer SGP.(SentryGlas?Plus) Which is  5  times tear strength stronger than PVB.  South Star GLass the certificated factory of Dupont (kuraray) in China.

       · Types: Toughened Glass Laminated ,Annealed Glass Laminated ·

· Shapes: Curve, Flat or Custom

· Selective Thicknesses: Total Glass Thickness Up to 80mm.

· Max size : 3300x7000

        · Selective Color: Clear, Blue, Gold, Pink, Amber, Green, Grey, White, Black, etc.   

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