is a safe decorative glass which the glaze material is melted on the glass surface.

After the glaze is printed (silk-screen printing, digital printing) on the glass surface, through the glass tempering process, the high temperature will be used to fuse the glass glaze with the glass surface permanently, and it will not be easily destroyed and wiped off.

There are two printing methods;

a) Silk-Screen printing

It is a traditional printing method. By making film, the ink is transferred to glass surface . The disadvantage of this process is that the pattern is simple and it is difficult to achieve two or more colors. The advantage is that in the case of printing the same pattern in batches, the cost is more economical.

b) Ceramic ink digital printing?

A new printing technology, after designing the pattern, print it digitally directly by the printer. The number of colors is no longer limited,

This technology was Developed by dip-tech company in Israel , its technology is currently in the leading position; South Star Glass had imported the latest model NEra D. of dip-tech company, max process size 3300x8000mm

Such as the gradient glass can also be expressed through digital printing.

As described above, the ceramic fritted glass needs to be tempered that to fuse the glaze with the glass; 

in addition,the fritted glass can be combined with the processes such as laminating, coating, and IGU processing . 

Whether it is used in building envelopes or interior decoration, it is an excellent choice.

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