Anti-glare glass:

An alternative for difficult light conditions

Chemical etching gives float glass a slightly roughened surface. This disperses reflections across a larger solid angle so that remaining reflections seem less disruptive at any position taken by the viewer – transmission and reflection values remain the same. Anti-glare glass provides good readability in the open as well as in bright, pointed light conditions. It is also relatively insensitive to dirt or finger marks and therefore especially suitable for touch applications.

Anti-reflective glass:

is a float glass with an optical interference coated on one or both sides that significantly reduces surface reflections. A specially developed immersion procedure is used to apply multiple metal oxide layers just a few nanometres thick. Reflections are reduced optically by up to 90 % and the glass appears invisible. At a transmission of > 98 % and brilliant colour rendering, viewers can focus on what's important. 

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